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Thursday, March 5, 2015

7th birthday

It's been a while, but I am still around kicking and living. My daughters turned 7th on Tuesday and they are getting so big. We had a small birthday celebration with their three aunts as guests eating roasted chicken and chocolate cookie. They had a good time for their birthday. We will have a real Birthday celebration tomorrow Friday at Chuck e Cheese with their close friends and family after school. They cannot wait for the party to come. My husband and I are glad that our children are happy and healthy. We are blessed. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunday at playground

On Sunday I took my daughters at the playground with their two friends. I boy and a girl and they had fun playing together while I was watching them on the bench. Sometimes I ran with them or push them at the swing. They always like it every time we go to the playground especially if there is monkey bar my daughter Bella's favorite to play. I usually take them to the park or playground whenever I get a chance or when I don't do anything at home. I am glad that my children like to stays outside instead of just in the house playing games.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

playing with their friend

My daughters best friend came over after school and playing with them for a few hours until her dad picking her up. Sydnie is my daughter's Beth best friend. She lives closer with us and two times a week her dad drop her off for play day. Sometimes she stays for a night on weekends. It depends if I am not busy or if I am not working. I have to be home when she comes over because they are every where in the house and running around sometimes. Sometimes I would play with the girls and they like it. I am happy to see my children playing with their friends.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

McDonald time

We are here at McDonald today with my daughters and they are playing and eating while I am setting and eating only. I just finished eating my bowl of southeast salad with grilled chicken. My daughters has happy meal and they are still eating them. They are slow eater so I have to wait for them so I hope in the next thirty minutes they are done. They have to play, eat and play, and eat again that's why they cannot finish their foods. I wanted to go home now so I told my daughters to have five minutes to play.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zoo Visit

Last week my family and I went to see Dallas Zoo and we had a blast. It was the first time we visited the zoo and my children really loved it. We had seen a lot of animals from birds to tigers, but unfortunately we did not see the elephant. My husband got so tired from walking all over the zoo and I understood about it. We spent just three hours, but it wasn't enough. We might go back again before the end of this year. I let my children rode a train and they liked it. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My phone

My cellphone having a lot of apps that sometimes it gives me trouble finding the apps I want to use. My children like to play my phone so they keep downloading game apps even though I don't like it. Last week one of them put another games again and I put one too. There are different apps available for my phone so like the real estate iphone apps if I want to find a house to buy and print apps for printing my picture. It is so nice to have a phone like this it makes my life easier.

Missed the practice

It is Sunday afternoon right now and my daughter Beth supposed to have had a baseball practice at twelve thirty, but we could not take her on time. My husband were busy doing things around the house. We were in a hurry to got in the car and Beth just suddenly fill down and hit her nose on our car door. She was crying and bruised her nose so we decided not to take her to practice. I hope her coach would be okay. I am worried because They have a game tomorrow. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Likes Dancing song

The other day I stopped by at the electronics center after work. I was looking for auxiliary cable to use for my sound system at home. I was confused at the store because there were too many cables like the excellent profire 2626 from guitar center. I would very careful in choosing the cable because I do not want to come back and return one if I cannot use it. I always like to hear songs when I am home and my songs is in my Iphone. I like dancing songs played when I am home so that I would not feel sleepy.  I like dancing while cleaning it is fun even though if I am by myself . I sometimes sing along if I know the songs. Dancing songs keep me going and awake.

Cousins Birthady Party

My children went to a birthday party of their cousins and they had fun. I bought a presents for them to gave and they said the birthday celebrants like them. Their two cousins both have had birthday parties today. I was glad they had it in the same house because they are a sisters. Even though it is a little chilly and windy today, but it did not stop for my children's to go. When I dropped them off at the party I saw my in laws and families, but I did not stay because I did something different with my friend. It gave me time to go out with my friend without taking along my children.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Printing Business

When I was talking with my sister last week she mentioned about her small business. Actually it is very small business and she asked me if I can help her to make it a little big. Meaning if I can give her a cash to use for it and I said I am not sure. I asked her if she can make a Printing Press business because some businesses like to print brochures for their company. She said it might be a good idea and I like it too. I can put money on that kind of business for her and who knows what will happen next. I had a good talk with her about it, but we did not come to a right decision yet. She said we need to think it first and talk about it again next time.