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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bowl or Ball?

Earlier today, my son said that he was hungry, and he said can i have some Chicken mama? And i replied sure. And says, where is your bowl? and he said ball? i said bowl? so he handed me his ball. I got mad. I said, I told you your bowl that you used earlier? He said I can't understand you mama. Haaay.... It is really difficult if your baby speaks English. Thats why now I start talking to my Girls Bisaya. I want them to learn Bisaya because it is hard for me I cant speak English well. I wish, I had listened to my English Teacher while I was in school, now it is Too late :-)


Michelle said...

haha you're not alone girl. i noticed that even those who stayed here for 22 yrs still has a bisaya or tagalog accent when they speak. sometimes i can't understand my kapwa bisaya here coz she speaks broken english. but i myself got mistakes too in pronouncing words because we have our own way of saying words. oh well, those who doesn't have much contact with pinoys are the ones who speaks good in english. that's why i don't want to have a TFC channel so I will learn and get used to listening and speaking english. :)


bitaw tinuod na dhay. ako gani pod sometimes dili kami kasinabot sa akong bana. simple english ra dhay.I understand kc hes spanish speaking,just learning english like me in school.But hes good kc translator.