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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cute baby sweater

Finally it is Saturday, a day off from work so i have to stay home with my babies. On Monday was my first day back to work ,after my two months maternity leave. I do not like going back to work but i have no choice. I am lucky that my in laws are willing to watch my babies at no cost for me even a penny.

While i am at work, a lot of people says, hi Juliet i am glad to see you again or how are the babies? or do you have pictures? and i show them the pictures. But there is one woman smiling at me hugging me and said, i have something for your babies and she handed me the pink color bag . And i said thank you! thank you. I can't believe that she was thinking of my babies i never expected it.

What she gave me was two pretty pink color sweater it is cute for the winter. i can't wait to see them wearing it. I know we are still in the spring time but time will go very fast and before you know it is winter again.

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