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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ohhhhh what a pretty Falls......

It is a nice picture right? I got this from my sisters profile in Friendster. This is Tinuy-an Falls near our place in Surigao del Sur PI. I have never gone there( i know its bad) but my family and friends always go there. They always told me stories about how beautiful and how nice it was there. Right now i have regrets that i never went there before i came here, since it is close to our place. but i always thought i would go there but i am lazy. So, right now all i can do is look at the picture. how sad -:(((


TiOheM said...

Pretty falls indeed. I like to visit your hometown and the falls. I've been to western and southern parts of Mindanao but not to the north eastern part yet.

BTW, your boy and twin girls are very cute.

Ritz said...

wow.... nice falls... i wish i could go there! :) visit my site too...

Mira said...

Breathtaking! Tks for the visit, we can xlinks if you want.
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