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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy Day

Today it has been a very long and busy day for me. Because my mother in law is here trying to spend time with my children and she’s here whole day. While she was her I can’t stay in my computer because I am also trying to spend time with her. She likes to come here and stay with my children as long as she can. Because she said she is old and she does not know how much longer she will be around for my kids especially my son . She always says that my son is her boy too not only my boy. But by the time she left to go home the NBA basketball was starting on TV. I am waiting for this game since last week . I like watching basketball. But while watching it I gave my daughters a bath. I Hoping that they will sleep good so that I can stay longer on my computer and start my business here. But that is after the basketball. Hey!!!! I don’t know why I am crazy about basketball. :-)))

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