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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

three months old

These are my daughters on their first day in this world. They are very beautiful. Time goes by very fast, today they are 3 months old. They are bigger and growing more every day. every time I am talking with them they are all smiling and giggling. And when I am around they both want me. So I always carry them both. Although right now is hard for me because they are gaining weight and everyday they became heavier and heavier. But I am happy to carry them both I love it. Right now I am looking forward for them to walk around in our house I know it will be fun. And I know their big brother is waiting to play with them. I remember when he first saw them in the hospital room he asked his daddy, can I play with them now? Oooh! It is cute :-))


E-Tavasi said...

Wahhh.. so cute... nice picture

Bill & Gina said...

your daughters are just so beautiful. I love that picture. Take care God bless