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Friday, June 27, 2008

White Rose Tag

What does a white rose represent? White is a color symbolic of many positive things, such as marriage, purity, virtue, and innocence. White is linked to emotions of harmony and serenity. The breathtaking purity and simplistic beauty of a white rose can’t be beat. White roses signify deep, clear emotions. They are given without reservation or ambivalence. The red rose signifies lust or passion, but the white rose goes much deeper to suggest an infinite love that goes to the very core of one’s being. It carries an almost spiritual significance. White roses symbolize devotion, kindness, and deep friendship in love.

I've been tagged by Maureen, thanks dear for sharing this beautiful white rose to me. Just the thought if sharing this tag means so much to me and I really I appreciate it girl. Now I am passing this beautiful white rose to cecille, joy, michelle and anne.


Shimumsy said...

hi, how's your weekend going? hope wonderfl. see you around.

Michelle said...

hi sis, thanks for this tag. i post this already in my other blog here