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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fried tilapia

On Sunday I went to the Asian store for rice and I got my self some fried Tilapia. It is good because they fry it for you for free while you are shopping for other stuff. I am the only one eating it because my husband doesn’t like to eat fish either does my son. So, until now I still have leftover you know it was a big fish I can’t eat it all at one time.


alf said...

ooohhh. i love fried tilapia. we buy here fresh and we do the frying at home. di nag-fry dito unlike when i used to live in california.
this fish is yummy.

Anonymous said...

that's yummy tilapia and nutritious and has no cholesterol content except the oil used in frying

Anonymous said...

yum yum!
gusto ko rin an Tilapia Juliet. kahit yun sa Denny's na Lemon Pepper Grilled Tilapia pinapatulan ko dahil sabik ako sa pagkaing Pinoy :-)