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Friday, July 4, 2008

having fun

Over here in Texas it is their tradition that every 4th of July the family and friends get together for barbeque or hamburger. That is why today I was with my friend she invite me yesterday for barbeque and because we are Filipino so, Filipino foods are present. She was very nice to pick me up here at home with my children. Since my husband is working even though it is a holiday, which I like it because of the extra holiday pay. But anyway, we were having fun at my friends house specially my son because he was playing with some of the kids there. The food is tasted good especially the barbeque but aside from the food, I liked it because we had a chance to get out of the house and to be with my friends.

Right now I am very tired. Hopefully tomorrow I can do my business here and do some hopping!


Ylan said...

hello, maau kay lingaw inyong july 4 holiday :)

anyway, naa koy tag para nimo, answeri lang when you have the time :)

naa dinhi nga site ang tag:

JesuLalaine said...

haayy,.I can't get enough of looking at your cutees in!! you're so blessed.

Glad that you had a good times with friends,,you really need it gyd esp. that your hands are full with 3 kids...I only have 2 kids and grabe na mn gani ka kapoy..pero blog lng ghpn! hehehe!!