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Sunday, July 13, 2008

very ignorant

Since may I am a member at SS but after a month of being a member I have only gotten opps maybe only 4 or 5 from them. I am always wondering why I never get any opps anymore. I always go to their site but I can’t find any opps for me. I also wonder why there was a flag on every opps . I though it is a UK flag so, I thought this opps is only for UK people. I asked one of my friend about the flag she was laughing at me she said it means English. I am very ignorant and about opps, I really don’t know that I have to reserve the slot and doing some prop. Imagine for more than a month of being a member their I only have 5 props. That is why for two weeks I never had opps from them. My friend again told me you have to prop and prop and prop so, now that is what I am doing when I get a chance I do some prop.

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Michelle said...

oh my gosh! so that's the reason why i didn't have much offers also coz i only propped those who gave me one. ngek! you're not alone sis. i'll do the propping too. haha