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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

favorite food

Tonight my husband went by Wendy’s after work just to buy fries and chicken nuggets for our son. They are some of my son’s favorite food but when I came home from work I notice the he ate only the nuggets not the fries. I wonder why so I asked him why he did not eat all the fries and he said he saved some for me. That was his only excuse but I know he doesn’t like to eat the fries anymore, before every time he would see fries he grab them right away and put in his mouth then eat them all. Now I think his taste is changing again and he is very picky of his foods sometimes I don’t know what to offer to him. I hope when he go to school he will change because I am worried I want him to eat all kind of food especially fruits and vegetables.


chubskulit said...

Hi Julz, ganyan talaga mga bata. My daughter is getting picky nowadays too. But I am enforcing her to eat good food everyday..

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Mom of Four said...

Hi Juliet, kids can be picky, my son used to love french fries, now he doesn't like it anymore. He likes rice and sabaw (sinigang)it's hard to figure out what he wants. School food, hmmmmm..I don't know about that..I send Rice Krispies or Pop tarts with my son every day, for I know most of the time, he doesn't like the food from the cafeteria.
Their appetite changes from time to time..Your son will be OK, give him some Pediasure or Multivitamins for supplements, it's just a suggestion..