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Saturday, August 23, 2008

how much money

I don’t have a teen yet but I was reading a magazine where they were talking about money and the kids. I think you might want to know about this especially if you have a teen already.

Question- what if your teen asks, how much money do we have?

Answer- if your child wants to know your salary , you can satisfy her curiosity without getting into dollars and cents, says Janet Bodnar, author Raising Money Smart Kids, offers these guidelines:

-12 and under “Don’t tell them you’re having trouble paying bills” it could foster a deeps sence of insecurity. Their real issue is ‘Are we OK? Younger kids just need to know there’s going to be food on the table and a roof over their heads.”

-13 and over. Tell your teen frankly that you’re having financial troubles, and outline the steps you’re taking to improve the situation. You might suggest ways he can help out, such us getting a part time job.

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