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Saturday, August 2, 2008

spoiled rotton

I finally got a chance to stay on the computer again. My mother in-law just left together with my sister in-law they come by here this afternoon to be with my children especially my son and they stayed for a while. My son is very spoiled by his grandmother she always says that my son is also her son that is okay with me I don’t care. I like it every time they are here I get a chance to relax myself and do some stuff that I want to do like taking a shower while they are watching my babies. It is good for me if they are here I like it and my son is always happy to see his grandma.


Tey said...

its nice to see grandparents to take care of our kids but sometime, id rather not let them help me with this because they just ruin my authority..lols. Have a great day Juliet
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Cecile n' Matt said...

talaga, wow mabuti naman si jacob din eh wala bayad, buti nga natanggap din si jacob, alam mo ba na mahal bayad namin sa school ni jacob $300 a month grabe di na nga kami maka save eh, salamat at two weeks na lang na tapos na siya.pasalamat talaga tayo at natanggap si freddie, buti na lang at nagtatrabaho ka sa school yung ang benefit, di na siya nag wait till next year. congrats.