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Monday, August 11, 2008

too bad

At 11:00 pm in Texas the opps started to come out but five minutes before 11:00 I was already in front of my computer even though I was doing something in the kitchen I stop just to grab the opps. But unfortunately I could never grab any all of them. They were all taken already. there was a lot of opps available for me but the computer was very slow after answering the captcha. Maybe it is not to be for me, so I think it is best for me to sleep now and tomorrow try again. Hoping to even get one, I know it is not enough but it is better than nothing like today it is big “O”. too bad!

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genny said...

I am like that most of the time becaus emy blog got pr0 now even before that was pr3. wahhhh anyway got you a tag please get it. Thanks.

Tag is here question and answer