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Monday, September 1, 2008

big picture

Yesterday while I post my opps from ss the picture was very big it almost occupied my whole site. And some of my visitors said it was very big I really didn’t know how to make it smaller. Every time I visit the other blog I notice that some of their pictures are small I always wondered how they did that. Today I have another opps from ss that required me to put a photo in it. When I copy and paste the code and post it the picture was too big again. So, this time I finally asked some of my friend how to make it smaller and she told me. At first I had trouble understanding how but I finally did it I thought it would never get small but it did. Thank you for your help sal.


Cecile2 said...

can't find you cbox so i just leave messages here :-) drop ec and tag for you here, pls grab it when you get the chance

Cecile2 said...

sa isa na blog ko may tag ka rin :-)so both of your blogs have tags from me :-) salamat