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Monday, September 29, 2008

i like my hair straight

When I come here to the US I never tried to go to the beauty parlor no more because it cost too much here, but I wanted my hair to be straight. Because I don’t like the way I look I feel terrible with my hair, for a long time I was always think about buying a hair straightening for me to use. Last week I finally got one for but I don’t how to use I am very ignorant about things like that. Luckily one of my husband niece was here, I asked her how to use it, she taught me. It is very easy and yesterday while I was home I tried to do it by my self , I am glad I look good. I like it because I feel pretty now with my hair straight not like before. From now on I have to use it all the time.

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ckulit said...

I only tried to have my hair done in the States once hehehe.. masyadon mahal... Hubby and I cut each other's hair.. great savings pa!