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Thursday, September 25, 2008

shopping for clearance sale

Every time I go shopping for stuff for my children I always look for the clearance sale especially when I buy clothe for my daughters. If I buy clothes that are not on clearance it cost much, I have to buy for my son too. Even if the cloth are big for them I bought it and put in the closet waiting for the time that it will fit them. I think that is the wise thing for me to do since I don’t have a lot of money to spend. I buy it if I like it and if it is on sale even better. One day while I went shopping at Wall Mart clearance sale I found a lots of jeans in different colors for girls the original price is $6.00 each and sale is $3.00 so, I got 4 pairs of jeans and when I was paying them I found out that they were only $1.00. I was very happy and I went back inside and got some more in a different size. What a lucky day that day for me, now I keep shopping for them at the clearance sales.

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