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Saturday, September 27, 2008

tired or lazy

Yesterday morning when I woke up my son to go to school he was crying again because he said he was tired. Almost every morning he is tired even though he goes to sleep early at night. I think he is only lazy to get up and wants to stay home watching his movies or playing with his sisters. Anyways, I told him that he needs to go to school he has no choice but to get up and dress. I always wonder why is like that because every time he comes home he is very happy and shows me his lesson they made. Like yesterday when he come back home from school he was happy and gave me his corn chips he said the teacher gave to him because he has been a good boy for the whole week in class. But he is sad because he doesn’t like those chips that she gave, so until now nobody ate them.

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just motivates him to go to school. school is fun diba? naa kami sa lindale texas. layo ra kana inyo place?