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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

busy mama

My son is just come back home from school so, it is time for me to turn off my computer and start taking care of him, I will prepare his favorite food, chicken I know he is hungry now. Maybe I will be back later when I am done; I am going to hang all the towels that are still in washing machine. I also have to cook food for me, I am hungry too but before that I am going to give my girls a bath. Really busy mama, that is my daily routine here but I am not always cooking every day only if I am hungry. My husband is going to work in a few minutes now so when he leaves I will not have any help again. Ok, my son is calling me now I will be back later for ec dropping.

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Mom of Four said...

Hi Juliet, that's what happens when to us full time mothers. Like you, I don't feel like I still sleep. Since I got pregnant with my 2 year-old 3 years ago, I never had any 1 whole night of sleep. 4 hours is all I get, and I'm lucky if I can get a 30 minute nap during the day. But, when I see my family, it's all worth it..
Take care..