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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Every morning busy

Every morning I get up and ready my son to go to school. After he left I start my business here right away, that is if my daughters are still asleep, if not I have to wait until they go back to sleep. The first thing I do is Check my emails, opps and dropping my cards. I tried to drop as much as I can because after my husband leaves to go to work I can hardly do that anymore. That is why if I can make drops of 300 I am very happy but if not then I am okay. Right now I am in a hurry because I still have a lot of chores to do here around the house and in a few minutes my son will be home from school. Every morning I am busy it is like I am always dancing around, but it is okay I am happy. The important thing for me is for my children to always be in good health.

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Carnation said...

hello there ... busy life! your kids are cute...