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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hungry or not

I am doing my dropping right now and I feel hungry but I don’t want to eat because in a few minutes I have to go to bed and sleep. I don’t want to go to sleep hungry but I don’t like to go to sleep full either. I can’t sleep if my stomach is full but I can’t go to sleep if it is empty. My mind telling me to go eat but then again it says no. I am hungry, but not really so, I think it is okay to just drink water. The truth is I feel hungry right now because I was thinking about eating Pilipino barbeque. I miss eating barbeque pork and chicken especially adidas. I wish I could find it here. I think this is what happened if you have lack of sleep you think about a lot of things. Better for me to go to bed now, so Good Night everybody!

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Mom of Four said...

Adidas ba? that's my fave kapag nasa Pinas ako, inaadobo ko tapos iniihaw, sawsaw sa suka..ang sarap...yum...