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Thursday, October 23, 2008

wants to play my son

My friend who came to visit me last Sunday was asking me today if it is okay for her to leave her grand daughter with me this Saturday so she can play my son, and to learn to talk English . She is only two years old but they want her to be close with my son because my son speaks English well and they want her to talk only English. Also my son never hurt anybody’s child he only wants to play and that’s it. I told my friend that it is good for their baby to learn to talk Tagalog too so, that she can understand to the people around her. But they said they don’t want the baby to get confuse. For me, I want my baby to learn my dialect also, now I am always talking to them bisaya, and I am having regrets for not talking to my son before while he was still little. Sometimes he is trying to imitate me when he hears me talking my dialect but he never understands it.

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