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Monday, October 6, 2008

state fair makes me tired

We finally came home from the state fair of Texas. We were having fun especially my son but walking made me tired and gave me a headache. I liked it their but I wish I never went there but because of my son it is okay. I promised him last month that we would go so that he could ride all the kiddy rides. He did ride most of them. Even though was raining since this morning we still went. We left my daughters with my in laws. My son is very happy but all the rides he rode the police car ride twice. He liked it because it was a police car. When he was done riding we went to the auto show because my husband wanted to see all the new cars there. My son wants to ride in all the autos. He tried to drive all of them. If he saw the door was open he get inside them and drive. There are no keys in them just pretending. He always likes cars just like his daddy.

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