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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Banned from Advertisers

This morning when I was checking my 3ps I found out that I got banned from one of their advertisers. I know that some of the other bloggers got banned too but I never thought that I would also be one of them. Their reason of banning me is I am not a US bloggers. What are they thinking? I lived here in Texas for almost six years now maybe I am too busy working that I never knew that the Texas have separated from the US already. I think not because this morning my in-laws went to cast their vote for president. I am really mad and I tried to send a ticket to 3ps I hope they will fix this matter, and I hope before they go banning the bloggers they will check where they live first before doing it.


Babette said...

This also happened to another blogger even though she is living in Wisconsin.

Mom of Four said...

Hmmm..I don't know a lot about other adsvetisers. But, I can tell you that, that's not fair. They should've warned you first di ba? Yung PPP ko nga na 2 palang ang na post ko, di na ko maka tyempo ng opps, binabayaan ko n lang, kasi sumasakit lang ang ulo ko kaka antay eh..Di ko naman alam kung pano gawing .com itong aking website...Hay, ang hirap kumita ng pera...