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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

got up very early

This morning I got up very early, my son had another appointment at wic to get milk and juice. We stayed their for two hours and I was very sleepy. If not for the milk of my babies I would not be there. It is very important and it saves me some money. The formula here is too expensive and I cannot afford to buy for the two of them. They are really a big help for people like us who can’t afford every thing. At least in a month I only need to buy two or three cans of formula for them.

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Mom of Four said...

Why do you have to buy formula for your kids? They should get all the formula they can get..WIC provides for whatever they need, right? or depends on your income too. I get WIC for my 2 girls..
Yes, they are a great program for us who don't make too much money..