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Friday, November 14, 2008

thanksgiving dinner

Since last year my husband told his family that we would have thanksgiving dinner this year at our house. He told them very early so that nobody would plan to be somewhere else. Now thanksgiving day is only a few days ahead and I don’t know what to prepare. I am excited for the dinner but I have never been the host before. I have asked some of my friends what am I going to do? what to cook? I am not really a cook. I love to eat but that’s it I am always lazy when it comes to cooking. I told my husband that he needs to prepare the food for them. One of my friend told me that she is going to bake a pineapple cake for me. She don’t want me to bake it since she said I am busy with my children.

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Mom of Four said...

Juliet, pareho pala tayo, di ko rin alam kung ano lulutuin ko..For so many Thanksgiving, lagi lang kaming nakikikain, hahaha! This year, were not going to my in- laws, so I don't know..Di ako marunong mag bake ng Turkey. wahhhh! deviled eggs na lang gagawin ko..saka green bean casserole.