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Saturday, November 8, 2008

want more

When I starting doing blogging and getting paid for posting I was happy that in a day I grab one opps even if it was only $5.00. I was content and didn’t say anything, in my mind it is good at least I earned $5.00 nobody will give me that amount. But later on it changed I don’t like it anymore, it is too little I want more. If I grab only $5.00 I am waiting for a few minutes hoping there will other opps to show up with higher prices. Sometimes I get frustrated and upset but I realize why? I don’t need to be upset if I grab more then it is okay and if not then I go on. My husband told me that if it is for me then for me. Before I am always getting up early just to grab opps but now not anymore I get tired of waiting.

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Mizé said...

Hi. It´s not easy to get opp this days, specially without a good PR. When my blog was banned by G. I stopped having opp.
Hope you get work soon.
Thanks for returning my drops.
A good Monday.