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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

cell phones

Two months ago I made a big decision about my cell phone. My two year contract with my cell phone was over. I am happy about it but I was always thinking should I renew my contract. I cannot live without my cell phone that is my way of communicating with my family and friends here. I kept thinking about the bills every month but at the same time I was thinking about my friends who I talk to all the time. If I do not have cell phone with me then they cannot call me when I am not home. I talked to my husband about that and he said that he look on the internet for a company that has cell phone sale where we can save some money. I left it up to my husband and I told him that I wanted a new BlackBerry phones this time. I really like the blackberry phone some of my friends have them. He found the best cell phone plan deals at right now they have a lot of great deals on their selective phones like verizon cell phones and a lot more. My husband got us the att cell phones . They have the best cell phone deals around.

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Claus said...

Hi Juliet. If you're interested in the Palm Centro, they have some good deals going on.