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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

children’s first before us

On Sunday I went shopping at the mall with my husband and son. Before we went I plan to buy something for me like a new sweater or a pair of shoes. I still have sweaters that I can use but I want a new one. But when we were there I went to the Children’s section instead of going to the women’s section. I was looking around and I found nice clothes for my girls, although I went to see the women’s section for a while. I do not like buying for my self; I ended up buying for my son and for my girls and nothing for me. I think most mothers are like that, children’s first before us. I already found shoes that I like but I said to my husband maybe later.

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nice said...

sure,kids are priority,i know the feelings,i have one myself...anyway,care for ex-link?