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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday daddy

Yesterday my husband and I were both off from work for New Year’s Day. So we celebrated his birthday yesterday instead of today. Only the five of us because my friend who birthday was yesterday changed her mind and decided not to come with us to eat out. My son was very excited he kept asking his daddy to buy a cake with a candle to blow out. After eating at the restaurant we went home before the end of the day my boys went to the store to buy cake. My son wanted a chocolate cake. When they came back home we were looking for a candle I forgot were I put them. We are lucky I found one candle and they both blew the candle out. My son really likes blowing out candle, in his mind every birthday needs a cake and it should have a candle to blow out. After blowing the candle he said to his daddy “happy birthday daddy” with a smile on his face. very sweet.

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