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Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Party for my EliZabel

Yesterday I was so busy here at home since I got up in the morning until night time. We had a little birthday party for my daughters here at home our family and friends were here. My children are very happy with all the visitors. My son was busy playing with his friends in our back yard and my husband was the one who was cooking food. I was only taking care of our daughters and entertaining our visitors. My daughters were enjoying opening their presents and my son was the one who blew the candle out for them. I think every body was having fun yesterday I am glad that most of my husband’s family was here to celebrate my daughters first birthday. It was very simple were eating lunch and of course cake and ice cream for desserts.


Cecile said...

hahaha, kabalo na diay si ug open gifts ha, kay enjoy tan awa. nah sayang wala ko ka atten uy, unsaon lang kay layu man mi wahhhh

ka cute nila kakagigil, sarap yakapin at halikan :-)

Mom of Four said...

Kagaganda lang nitong mga batang to, mana sa Nanay..hehehe, Tingnan mo si ate Cecile at nanggigil na rin..INgat.

iceah said...

Wow!!!Happy Birthday to your cute little twins c: