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Sunday, March 22, 2009

went to church today

This morning we went to church with our children, we stayed there until lunch time. They had free food today courtesy from a group of member in the church. My son really likes to go every Sunday to see his friends and he enjoys the singing every first Sunday of the month. He said that he also likes the food even though he only ate the rice and nothing else. When it comes to Pilipino food he eats only rice if there is no soup. Anyways, after church we went home because my daughters were so sleepy and so was I. This is the second time that we went to this church and I like it, I have meet a lot of people already and I felt welcome at this church and my son was feel at home already. I was looking for a church where I felt comfortable and my family was welcome. My son is looking forward to going back there next Sunday.

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