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Sunday, March 29, 2009

went shopping

This afternoon we left our children at my mother in laws house and let her watch them for a few hours while my husband and I went shopping. I was looking for a rug to put by our front door and some clothes for my son. We went to old navy, they were having a sale there I got my son 3 shirts and one short pants. I was not sure if it would fit him so I got only one pant. I never bought for my daughters; they did not have any girl cloth on sale. I got my rug at Garden Ridge. Before I went shopping I was thinking about going to Macy’s to pay my credit card but I forgot. I remember when I came back home and it is due date today now I am thinking about the late payment. This is the first time I forgot to pay my bills with them I hope the late payment is not that big or else I will kick my self. I will try to go tomorrow and pay.

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Mom of Four said...

Juliet, normally, credit card bills eh nasa $29 ang late payment. Don't you do bills online? para di ka na nag me mail or nag da drive to pay our bills. Lahat ng bills ko online, bihira n ako mag mail ng checks..

I hate it when I have to pay 29 dollars for late fee, (coz I forgot to pay) if only the minimum due was 15 dollars, grrr...