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Thursday, March 19, 2009

went to library today

This afternoon I planed to walk with my son to the library but I was so tired from work and I had a headache. The library is only a couple blocks from our house. I need to bring my daughters too because there was nobody home to watch them. I told my son that he had to wait for me after I cleaning up their mess but while he was waiting he went to sleep. I thought that maybe we would not go but when he woke up he wanted to go. I hurried up to ready my daughters and put them on their stroller. My son picked up two movies that he wanted to watch “Bob the Builder and Jay Jay the jet plane. While we were on our way back to our house he told me that he wish that his daddy was walking with us too maybe it would be more fun if our whole family was walking. He always miss his daddy, he really loves his daddy. Anyways, my daughters were very well behaved in the library they never cried this was their first visit to the library.

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