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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I went shopping this afternoon with my children and sis in law. I was thinking about leaving my children with my in laws so that I could go shopping quick but I thought they needed to see the mall. I bought a pair of shoes for me and a couple shirts for my son. I was not done shopping but my son got bored and keep bugging me to go home. My daughters was very well behaved and busy looking at the people. I love my son but next time I go shopping without his daddy I am not going to take him with me. If his daddy is with us they go shopping away from me. Anyways, tomorrow is Easter Sunday I hope all of us will have a happy Easter. I know that in the other country was already Easter especially in the Philippines. Nobody in my family text me to say Happy Easter so I think they are okay. I know that they were at the beach right now. They do that every Easter. Happy Easter Everybody!

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