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Thursday, April 16, 2009

i am sleepy

I just finish drying our clothes and they are waiting for me to fold them. I would like to go to bed and go to sleep but I do not want to with out doing the folding first. I know that I can do this tomorrow morning but I have other plans for tomorrow. I also want to do this while the babies are asleep so that they will not play with the clothes. If they can reach our clean clothes they throw them on the floor and played with them until they get dirty again. I still have one load in the drier and in a few minutes they will be done. It is good that we have a cloth drier now. Now I can do my chores easily and relax, before I had to hang them all the time in a cloth line.

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Salute said...

Pace yourself and I am sure you be able to get all done. Twins have already been special to me and definitely a blessing