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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

just an update

Last night I was thinking about update my blog but I never got the chance. There was so much on my mind last night. I did not know what to write about so I decided to go to bed instead. I am very worried about everything right now especially my daughter Izabella but I think she is getting better now. She is not as cranky like the last few days but still she does not want to take her medicine I cannot blame her I know it has a nasty taste. Even the smell is bad and it taste bad. This morning I got up early to give her medicine but she throw up again but I think she got some of it so it is okay. It is really bad for me when one of my babies gets sick I am always worried. I think most parents are like that. I cannot sleep I think I worry too much. She does not have a fever all she has is an insect bite; I hope she gets better soon.


E-Tavasi said...

Hope everything will be alright and Izabella will get better soon :)

Gorgeous MUM said...

sending some prayers for your little princess. hope she feels better soon!