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Monday, May 18, 2009

She smiled again

I know that mother’s day has passed already but I am still talking about it. I want to share a memory of that day while I was in the church with my husband and children. As you can see from the picture above is Pinaypay in Tagalog and Paypay in Bisaya and I do not know in English. The church was giving away to all the mother’s on that day and setting beside me was an old American woman. When she got it she asked me how to use it and how to open it. I show her and she smiled at me. She was looking at my daughters and she asked if they were twins and I said yes. She asked me how old are they and I told her 14 months and She smiled at me and said how did you do that? At the lunch she saw me again while in line to get our lunch. She said is he your son? I said yes. And she smiled I really don’t know how did you do it? I smiled at her.

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