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Saturday, June 6, 2009

bug bites

For the passed few days my daughter Elizabeth has bug bites one on her neck and maybe 3 or 4 on her back. We thought that it was mosquito bites. When my husband’s sister and niece come over yesterday they said that it was not mosquito bites it was chicken pox. I never thought about that because I never hear about any kids having chicken pox here. I had chicken pox before but it did not look like bug bites. My sister in law took her to doctor and unfortunately the doctor was not there but the nurse was there. She only said to keep an eye on the baby. Last night she sleeps well but I could tell that she still does not feel good. The night before she was crying all the time and I thought maybe because she was teething. I hope she is alright but I wonder how she can get chicken pox she was vaccinated for that.

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Summer said...

hello ate! thanks for the link. i linked up already :) ingat ka lagi! :D thanks for sharing this info :D

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