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Thursday, June 18, 2009

the twins are sick

These passed few days my daughters are both sick. Yesterday I took a half day off from work and took them to the doctor for a check-up with the help of my sister in law. Of course it was hard for me to take them all in the doctor they both were crying I can not hold them both. Even when I put them in the stroller but after a few minutes they would start to cry. Today I still stayed home and did not go to work because they are still sick. They are both crying and crying and crying and I do not know what to do. They will not drink their milk so I tried a lot of food to give to them hoping they would eat. This is the first time for them not to want to eat and they both want me to hold them. The husband is not home because he is working the whole day so I do not have any help. I would like to cry already but I tried not to. My babies are both very good but when they are sick it is a different story. You know that if babies are sick they are cranky and irritable and always crying. Right now it looks like they are getting better with their medicine hopefully tomorrow they will eat more food and drink their milk.

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Maus said...

hope okey na sina twins..