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Saturday, July 18, 2009

playing bubbles

Today I was thinking about shopping some garage sales, I was waiting for my friend to call me. She always goes with me to all the garage sale; I do not go shop by myself. It is fun if you shop with your friend. By 9am she had not called so I woke up my son and took him with me to the store. I wanted to pick up some baby food and milk for my babies. When we got back to our house we saw our neighbor was having a garage sale. We checked what they had to sale but I did not like what they had. My son was looking for Bob the Builder toys but they did not have any. We went to Kroger and he found a toy that made bubbles and he wants it so I bought it. He was very happy playing the bubble toy. He and his sister were very happy chasing all those bubbles.

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Dhemz said...

I never been to a garage sale...I would like to..pero wala man ko kuyog..mas bibo man jud tong naa kay kauban...hehehhe!

woi nalingaw diay imong mga bulilit sa bubbles...akesha loves bubbles too...:) arag duol rata para naay kadula ning akong bulilit...hehehhe!