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Friday, August 14, 2009

Phone Bill

Last week I was shocked when I received my bill for my home phone because the amount was big. Not really big but it was bigger than the amount I always pay. It was $79.00 but usually my bill is only $30 to $40 a month. When I checked the bill I found out that it was because of my long distance call to Canada last month. I called my friend there that I had not seen for a long time already; we talked a lot and forgot the time. Now I have to pay a big bill but it is okay it is not all the time anyway. I think next time I call her I will buy a phone card instead of using my home phone so that I can save money.

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Summer said...

Oh no! So big! =D But as you've just said it is not always. And that';s a great idea, to buy a card instead of using your home phone. =D

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