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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow is Friday and I have to stay home with my babies. I plan to take my son to the park if I wake up early. I really want to take him there and spend time with him alone while my daughters are still asleep in bed. If we do not go to the park maybe I will take with me to the store to shop for groceries and look for the Transformer toys that he likes. I have no plan to buy him toys because he already has a lot of Transformers but if they are on sale and I can afford one maybe I will. He wants to go to his grandma too so we will see.

By the way, on Sunday we went to Jacob’s birthday party the only son of Cecile and Mat from the Kenyons. We were having fun there together with our friend Marivic, Juvy and family. Here are some of the pictures of our sons playing together and making a big mess. I felt sorry for Cecile after we left she had to clean up all their mess.

The Birthday boy Jacob, my son Freddy and Charles.


Cecile said...

wow, salamt sa post :-); aren't they cute or what!

ok lang, liet; kaliit ng apartment namin, kadali ko nalinis eh :-), before 10 tapos na!

Solo said...

Woohoo. Mukhang nag-enjoy nman ang lahat..hehehe At happy birthday narin kay Jacob! ;D

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klivengood said...

oi Ju, silingan diay mo ni Cecile? ka nice at least dili mo ma homesick..hehe thanks sa dalaw ur comment. happy weekend.

Mom of Four said...

Aba, aba, eh bakit di ako naka receive ng invitation, kau kau na lang ang nagkikita dyan huh..Most of hte time, it's nice spending time alone with each child. I always bond with Wrozlie, since she doesn't want to be left home and also, Lola can't watch both girls at the same time by herself. I want ot do soemthing with Roan too, maybe one of these days..

dddiva said...

Such little cutie pies- great pics. Have fun at the park if you go.

Dhemz said...

woi pagka mga gwapo sa inyong mga anak woi..daghan man ulitawo ani puhon...ehhehehe!

ka nice sa party ni ateces...daghan man kaau pagkaon...ehheheh!