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Sunday, November 1, 2009

went shopping

Today my husband went to work. This is the first Sunday that he had to work. His supervisor changed his schedule last week so starting today he has to work every Sunday. He doesn’t like it and I do not like it either but we can not do anything about it. That is what his boss wants. Since my husband is not home I took my children with me to Walmart to go grocery shopping. It is hard for me to go shopping when I have my twins with me I have to use the stroller and not the cart so I can not get everything I want from the store. I put all the stuff in the bottom of the stroller but I was worried that something might break because it could not hold the heavy load. My son was complaining of being tired from walking (He is used to riding in the cart). So I was in a hurry to get home. My children are very good every time we are in the store they never cry. They always have` fun looking around.

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