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Sunday, November 15, 2009

no more toys

This afternoon I was thinking about taking my children shopping just to get out the house. Before we went I told him no more toys we would not buy any toys and he said okay mama. When we were in Walmart he asked me if we could look for toys. He was looking at all the toys and when he saw the big Bumblebee I heard him saying that he wish to have it for his birthday. (His birthday is May 7th) the Bumblebee transformer was 98 dollars and that is too much for a toy. But I never said anything I was only following him while he was looking at the toys. After a few minutes I heard the woman telling her kids to back up from the transformer because it was expensive and we laugh. After looking around we bought groceries and went home. But before we went home he asked for happy meal from Mc do so I got him one and he was very happy.

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