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Saturday, January 9, 2010

grocery shopping

This morning I went to the store to buy grocery. We were low on food already and I do not know why we are always out of food. I think it is because I eat too much no wonder I am so big now. Before I went to the store I called my friend and ask her if she wanted to go with me but she said it was too cold and she do not want to get out the house. So I went by myself. Before I went to the food side in Walmart I was looking at all the clearance sale. They still have a lot of Christmas ornaments left, I thought by now they would have sold everything already. I never bought anything I was just looking at them. I was looking for toys too and oh boy they had a lot of toys in the store and expensive too. I think I stayed longer in the store looking around at toys. I went to the auto section looking for a new rug for my car I saw the Kuryakyn accessories too. Well, I said I was only looking in the store I was there for grocery only because I did not have enough money to spend for any thing else.

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Mama Ko said...

Maayo pa mo diha jul walay snow. have a nice day to you guys.