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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Busy this afternoon

This afternoon we were so busy after my husband went to work I readied my babies to go to their grandma for her birthday. Before we went to grandma’s house we dropped by Kroger first to pick up a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. That is what my son’s wanted to give to her and when she saw the flowers she was very happy. She did not have a party it was just a regular day for her but she was very happy to see my children. I took some pictures of her with my children before we left. Then we went to the library my son wanted to borrowed books for me to read to him. My daughters were so happy that they were in the library but we did not stay long since it was getting dark. While we were in the library I saw my Kumare there one of the ninang of my daughters after few minutes of talking we went home. My daughters were so tired they are both asleep.

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