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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick shower every day

I am here laying on my couch with my daughter Eli by my side. We are watching her favorite TV show on Qubo Babar. I was very tired after work today and I would like to get some rest but in a few minutes I am going to clean our bathroom. Our bathroom is always a mess there are a lot of toys on the floor from my children and pulling hairs from me. That is why my son keeps telling me that I am losing my hair. When I combed my hair after shower I pulled a lot of hairs. I am worried that I might get bald if I do not get any treatment soon. There is a lot of hair loss for women but I think that is why my hair like this is because of the shampoo and the conditioner that I was using. Maybe I put a lot unto my hair and never rinse it good. I am lazy taking a shower and I do it only for 5 minutes so I have very quick shower every day.

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