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Monday, August 30, 2010

Likes wearing scrub uniforms

I am so sleepy now but my daughter is still awake I tried to put her in bed many times but she always refuses to go to sleep. Her daddy changed her diaper because she pooped and we thought that when she was clean she would go to sleep but not yet. I talked to my friend on the phone who was calling from work at the nursing home, she said that she is looking for another job one is not in a nursing home maybe in a hospital because she likes wearing scrub uniforms.

I hope she can find another job soon, I know that she likes working with elderly people. She has worked in that field for almost three years now and she looks good wearing her nursing uniforms. She told me that next week during her time off she wants me to go with her to apply for another job, she just needs more money right now that is why she wants to work more. While I was talking to her she told me about green scrubs and a lot more but I was so busy with my daughters so we did not talk long on the phone and she needed to go back to work. I hope my daughter will go to sleep soon so I can go to sleep too.

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