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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sleep Early

My daughters went to sleep already and I am so thankful. I really tried my best not to let them take a nap this afternoon because every time they have a nap they will not go to sleep at night until their daddy comes home from work and it drives me crazy. I have to get up very early so I need to go to sleep early but when they do not go to sleep at night I can not go to sleep. Their brother started back to school on Monday so I have been thinking how to get the girls to go to bed early and for two nights now my daughters went to sleep early. I hope it will always be like this so that all of us here can go to sleep. I was playing with them and watching TV or we did things together so that they would not think about taking a nap and it worked. They like me playing with them and I love our time together.

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